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You’re stubbornly optimistic and very much a helper who has been managing incomprehensible stress levels.

But you have felt like an injured, lost person without a road map.

It’s time to gain the GPS system for navigating this baffling disease of addiction. Even internalizing the fact that addiction is a no-fault disease is a huge hurdle to overcome.

That’s where I come in.

As a person in long-term recovery, a Certified Life Coach, and a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor for decades at Hazelden Betty Ford, I am uniquely qualified to assist with gaining a deeper understanding of addiction and building family recovery.

I have the passion and skills to work in a co-creative relationship with you to help develop healthier strategies to cope on a day to day basis when you love an addict.

I created Embrace Family Recovery to help family members like you feel empowered and discover ways to stop letting addiction hijack your life.

Here is how we will do it:

Separate Yourself from the Addiction

Separate Yourself from the Addiction

Build Your Community of Support

Build Your Community of Support

Role Model Your Own Recovery

Role Model Your Own Recovery

Reintegrate Your Family

Reintegrate Your

I want to hear your victories and struggles. Let’s talk soon.

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There are also some questions to share a bit about yourself and your family.

Margaret Swift Thompson
Family Addiction Specialist