Embrace Family Recovery Partners Coaching Group

A group for partners who love someone with the disease of addiction

Are you aware of all the messaging around being a partner of someone with the disease of addiction where you, as the partner, feel blamed or judged?

Have you heard or felt:

You should do this or that?

Why haven’t you made them stop using?

How do I let them take responsibility when they are so out of control?

If I don’t manage the home and finances, who will?

Let go of what? How?

There is zero trust. How can the marriage recover?

Just leave them.

What is healthy support?

Control their finances; then they will stop.

I feel alone; I can’t share as I fear people’s judgment of my partner and me.

When will I get time for me?

I am so angry; I am very short-tempered and love them.

Grace and self-compassion are words I offer to anyone in the role of a partner of someone with the disease of addiction. 

I entered recovery as the partner of an untreated sex addict. It was a lonely, confusing, stressful, exhausting experience, and I did everything wrong. I do not say that as a shaming judgment, just the facts; I did not know what I did not know.

In the insanity of the disease and the monkey chatter, I was oblivious to how the healthy choices were counterintuitive to every instinct I had at the time. I also clearly let the disease off scott-free, while self-blame and loathing were significant.

Education about addiction being a no-fault family disease was a huge step in my recovery, as was having other people on their recovery paths to share their experiences and offer me support and suggestions.

I know you feel alone. I know you fear judgment. I know what saved me was a connection with others on a path like mine.

At the Embrace Family Recovery Partner Coaching Group, we will hold space to share experiences, strength, and hope while gaining a deeper understanding of the power we gain as we learn to separate our loved ones from their disease and ourselves from the monkey.

If you are wondering what the monkey is, check out the Embrace Family Recovery Podcast episode #15 here
The group format will be 90 minutes, virtual, two Wednesdays a month, starting with a topic, then a discussion, and closing with a time for group members to share struggles and victories in their current situation. 

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Upcoming Schedule

With summer schedules, vacations, and playing in the lovely weather, I will be putting the Partner Coaching group on hold. I will offer a check in group towards the end of June, July, and August for anyone who wants to connect. Don't worry groups will be back in the Fall on Tuesdays.

Here's what prior group members had to say...

Margaret Swift Thompson is a dynamic speaker and a lifelong student. She is a certified coach with the Coach Training Alliance and SHE RECOVERS. As a coach, she brings her long-term active recovery from codependency and food addiction to the table. Margaret’s practice is hybrid, fully embracing social media and using educational podcasts, The Embrace Family Recovery Podcast, webinars, and providing online family work. Her enthusiasm and ability are matched by the creativity of her approach to family work.

Margaret Swift Thompson, Family Addiction Specialist