Meet Margaret Swift Thompson

I am Margaret Swift Thompson, M.S., LADC, FAS, a woman in long-term recovery from food addiction and codependency. 

I am the Executive Director, Family Recovery Coach, and podcast host for the Embrace Family Recovery Podcast in North Carolina. 

Following my Masters’s Degree from Northeastern University, I received my formal Substance Use Disorder training through Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, MN. I worked for Hazelden for 23 years in numerous primary and extended care units and the Family Program. 

Margaret Swift Thompson, Family Addiction Specialist

After receiving countless “What next?” questions from family members over those two decades, I created Embrace Family Recovery to fill that gap through a co-creative relationship with clients.

I am a Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach, and She Recovers Coach.

I am a dynamic speaker and lifelong student who believes in possibility over pathology. The creativity of my approach to family work matches my curiosity, enthusiasm, and ability. 

I offer individual, family, and group coaching specific to the needs of my clients.

I love to teach about this baffling and powerful family disease, whether in a retreat for people living the uncertain journey of addiction or training fellow helping professionals with strategies to educate and engage families in the treatment and recovery process.

You never have to be alone with this disease unless you choose to be. You deserve a thinking partner to support you on this path. I am ready to become that partner for you.

Margaret’s Education

When I am not coaching, I spend time with my family; my husband and I enjoy cycling together. He loves a good comedy, and I always pick the drama! Our daughters have been the most outstanding teachers of living in the moment. They continue to allow me to practice acceptance and detachment as they become adults. My dogs bring me great joy. Mila, my retired therapy dog who has survived cancer twice, and Lucy have become avid lizard hunters. Having left Wisconsin for the mountains of North Carolina, I am excited to have escaped the Midwest winters and to be closer to my home island of Bermuda.