Meet Margaret Swift Thompson

I crawled into recovery in 1997, having run out of options and full of despair. My addicted partner had left me, I was consumed with hurt and anger I denied, while still obsessed with him. I needed others to show me how to focus on myself which, in all honesty, terrified me.

Not only do I have a history of long-term recovery, I enjoyed a rewarding counseling career, spanning decades where I was privileged to work with thousands of people impacted by addiction. I was mentored by incredible professionals in the field of addiction throughout my 20 + years at Hazelden Betty Ford.

Margaret Swift Thompson, Family Addiction Specialist

And now, in my company Embrace Family Recovery, LLC, I help family members like you develop healthier strategies to cope and even thrive through addiction. You deserve a thinking partner to support you on this path. I am ready to become that partner for you.

Margaret’s Education

Margaret and Mila
When I am not coaching, I am spending time with my family, my husband and I enjoy cycling together. He loves a good comedy and I always pick the drama! Our daughters have been the greatest teachers of living in the moment and continue to give me opportunities to practice acceptance and detachment as they become adults. Living in Wisconsin I greatly miss my home island of Bermuda, especially in January! I love volunteering with our beautiful therapy dog, Mila.