Free Virtual Book Club for anyone!

I am incredibly jazzed to offer this free virtual lunchtime EFR Book Club. Anyone who has read my chapter, ‘ I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know,’ would easily see why I am drawn to the book ‘Worthy!’

This is a monthly Zoom lunchtime meeting where we will do a deep dive into the “simple steps, life-changing results” from Jamie Kern Lima.

The EFR Book Club is for anyone. The intention is to learn more about learning and unlearning regarding self-confidence and self-worth.

Jamie Kern Lima dropped a Spotify ‘Worthy Playlist’ I have been jamming to this morning while working. Here is the link:

Worthy Power Playlist: Feel Your Power

Join me on this journey to internalizing the mantra “I am worthy” to our toes!!

Take care of you


Join us!

May 23 at Noon

Part 1, chapters 3-4

June 27th at Noon

Part 2, chapters 5-7

July 18th at Noon 

Part 2, chapters 8-10

Aug 22 at Noon

Part 2, chapters 11-13

Sept. 26 at Noon

Part 3, chapters 14-16

Oct 17 at Noon

Part 4, chapters  17-19

Nov 21 at Noon

Part 4, chapters 20-21

Dec 26 at Noon

Part 4, chapters 22, 23 and poem